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Herewith are some Menu suggestions

We prefer to customise the Actors meals to suit their specific diets....

Breakfast Buffet (every day)

Selection of 12 cereals - range of milks - full cream, light, soy etc.
Poached Fruit. Fresh Fruit. Fresh Juices - apple, orange, pineapple. Frehly Blended Juices - range of vegetables, fruits and herbs (carrot,ginger,celery,parsley,beetroot etc.).
Toast with spreads. Porridge. Pancake with Maple syrup.
3 types of eggs - fried, poached, special of the day (omelette, scrambled or Benedict).
Baked beans or Spaghetti. Fried Mushrooms. Hashbrown potatoes.
Grilled Tomatoes, Sausages, Bacon.
Special Meat - steak, liver, crumbed steak, rissole etc.

Morning Tea

Make-your-own sandwiches - fresh or toasted......
Selection of 5 different cold meats - with range of condiments, salads and vegetables.
Several different types of bread - foccacia, panini, wholemeal, etc...
Sweets, fresh fruit, lollies and specials.


(This is a usual Thursday and Friday menu served to the crew).


Lamb cutlet grilled and served with a fresh rosemary and dijon mustard sauce
Cajun reeffish served with avocado & lime salsa.
Spinach and fresh asparagus frittata served with a capsicum coulis with fresh coriander.
Fried rice/chips/steamed greens and fresh corn.
Caesar salad/char-grilled vegetables.


Home-made lemon meringue served with cinnamon custard

Afternoon Tea

Selection of 4 pizzas.
Crudites and dips.
Fresh fruit,lollies,antipasto and bread.


Fresh Atlantic trout served with capers,onions and rye bread.
Fresh prawns served with lime mayonnaise.
Oysters on the half shell served with lemon wedges.
Pepper steak (rump).
Vegetarian hokkien noodles served with sweet chilli sauce.
Gourmet green salad with snow peas and chargrilled sweet potatoes.
Pasta salad.
White rice/steamed vegies/home-made mashed potatoes.


Blackberry cheesecake served with ice cream.

Afternoon Tea

Mini quiche lorraine,mini sausage rolls,mini spring rolls.
Chicken salad - cajun style.
Fresh fruit & lollies.

The cast and crew are invited to speak with our team re their special needs or indeed to offer their menu suggestions.